1.    Credit Card Data

Credit card or any other financial data is not kept at all at Meridian Systems. We always use 3rd party services for credit cards and payments processing. Sensitive credit card data is never kept, used, transmitted or stored on any part of our systems.

2.  Player money deposit procedure

Players have multiple options to deposit funds to their accounts.

  • Various credit cards
  • Various payment providers
  • Bank Transfer.

    After login into his account a player has to select the payment method. After that a secure page of the payment provider is shown and the player has options to transfer the money to his account. All payment providers are carefully selected and securely integrated into our system so that payment is performed in a safe manner.

    All transactions successful or failed are logged. All logs are kept indefinitely. All logs are available to the Company’s authorized staff and to certified representatives of the authorities.

    Credit Card sensitive data is never used, transmitted or stored on any part of Company’s systems.

    3. BANK transfer

    Possibility to transfer money through bank transfer:

    Minimum         Deposit / Withdrawal       

    Bank Transfer: € 5

    Minimum daily withdrawal: € 15
    Maximum daily withdrawal: € 10,000
    Maximum Weekly withdrawal: € 15,000

    For normal withdrawal via Bank (3-5 working days) - No transfer fees
    For quick withdrawal via Bank (the same day) - Transfer Fees: € 40

    If you have paid the money via e-banking, but the money has not yet been transferred to your Meridian.com.cy account, please send us an image of the payment receipt or an image of the payment order that you have paid to [email protected] in order for your request to be examined further.


    Minimum              Deposit / Withdrawal

    Skrill                           5 €     10 €
    Neteller                       5 €     10 €
    Paysafe                      5 €     10 €
    Blueberry                    5 €     10 €

    Aircash                        5 €     10 €
    Abon                            5 €  

    Credit/Debit Cards       5 €      10 €

    Minimum daily withdrawal:    15 €
    Maximum daily withdrawal:   10,000 €
    Maximum Weekly withdrawal: 15,000 €

    5. Player money pay-out procedure

  • The player has, at any time, the right to request to withdraw his/her funds from the online account. Banking fees may apply for some payment methods and or amounts of money being transferred.

    When a request is received, the staff undergoes additional checks to verify that the account holder is in fact the person he/she is claiming to be. This is to help prevent any fraudulent activity, possibilities of cheating, betting under false name, or with somebody else’s ID information, using stolen credit cards, using hacked accounts, money laundering etc.

    The methods of checking usually include some (one or more) of methods listed here (list is not complete, additional checks may apply):

    -Player has to provide proof of identity in the form of ID card, or Passport with a picture.

    -Player has to provide a utility bill, in order to prove that his address of residence matches the information stored when the player has created the account.

    -Player has to verify that all information entered while registering matches his real data.

    -Player has to send a picture of him/her self with his face shown, holding at the same time opened valid ID papers with photograph, in order to prove the identity.

    -Player has to contact the company via landline phone.

    -When the player creates an account, he/she confirms that he/she agrees to all these security checks.

    -When a player successfully completes all checks, the requested money is transferred to the account from which the original deposit was placed. This helps prevent fraudulent behavior, money laundering, stolen credit card usage, etc.

    -The Company does not accept virtual currencies as a transaction method.

    -The player's account should not be used as a banking facility and deposits should be made only for use as funds for betting. In the event of repeated deposits without placing the appropriate bets, Meridianbet reserves the right to charge up 10% of player’s bank account, without prior notice and any bank charges charged to Meridianbet before proceeding to close the account.

    -Meridianbet will conduct additional verification procedures for any payment exceeding the equivalent of €2,000 and reserves the right to conduct such verification procedures in cases of lower payments. Bookmaker implements additional measures, according to the risks of the player. The Company is equipped with systems that allow constant monitoring of the players’ betting activity and be capable to detect the moment a player exceeds the limit of €2.000 and identify unusual activity of transactions. In this case, submission of additional documents by the player, which illustrate their financial position and activity is requested.

    -In order to withdraw money from the online account, the rule is that pay-in and payout go in the same paths. The way you can collect your winnings depends on the way you have paid in the deposit. 

    (For example: If you deposited with Paysafe then you will have to withdraw via Paysafe account).

    In case of withdrawal of the entire amount of deposit immediately after the payment, the Company reserves the right to charge administrative costs in the amount of 10% of the deposit amount. 

    In order to get the winnings to a card: payout for the players that deposited funds directly from the card is executed through bank transfer.

    The payment is received on your bank account. Prior to this, you need to forward your bank data of the account you wish to use for the reception of the money to our Customer Service.
    For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions point 10.7, 11 and 13.