Meridian affiliate program

Meridian affiliate program



Terms and conditions


1.1 Introduction


This text contains the Terms and Conditions between Meridianbet and/or any company cooperating with it , regarding your Application to Register in our Affiliate Program, through the creation of hyperlinks or other promotional links (e.g. Banners) on your websites and promotional emails (after our approval) of Meridianbet pages.

1.2 Registration of Customer-Members (Users)


We will register Users of your page (our new customers) and keep complete records of their transactions. We reserve the right to refuse Customers or close their accounts if compliance with any terms and conditions is required. "Users" are defined as visitors who will be registered in our database (by registering on one of the Meridianbet products/websites, after reaching the specific website via one of your transfer links, which will be available to you through the website of our partners when you sign up. By opening an account with us, they will become our customers and therefore all rules, policies and operating procedures will apply to them.


a) Special registration code: in case a player clicks on Partner but then uses a special registration code.


1.3 Customer Game Monitoring


We will monitor the bets and games of customers (Meridianbet) and provide you with a report summarizing their activity, which you can access through our partner website.

1.4 Referral Fee Payment


We will pay you a Referral Fee on the Net Profit (defined below) generated by Users referred from your website after they open an account with us and perform real money activity on our website: Meridianbet


All our partners are obliged to identify themselves (presentation of documents) by our competent department if this is deemed necessary and requested. In the event that an affiliate refuses the identification process for any reason, it is at our discretion to both close the affiliate account and withhold any commissions.


1.5 Modification of Terms


We may modify any of the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement or replace them at any time in our sole discretion by posting a notice of change or new agreement on our website, of which we will notify you at the email address provided you provided to us when you signed up for the Affiliate program. If any modification is not acceptable to you, your only option is to terminate this agreement by notifying us by email (at [email protected]). Your continued participation in the referral program after we post a notice of change or new agreement on our website will constitute your binding acceptance of the amendment or new agreement.


1.6 Application for Registration in the Affiliate Program


To become a member of our affiliate program you must accept these terms and conditions by ticking the box indicating your acceptance during the completion of our affiliate registration form. It will be at our discretion to determine whether or not to accept your application, our decision will be final and you will not be a2. Rights and Obligations



2.1 Links to our Websites


By agreeing to participate in the Affiliate program (Meridianbet), you agree to create and maintain unique links from your website to our company's websites. You can connect with our company through banners, text links and fixed visuals that contain a link that we will provide and that will be unique to you.


2.2 Minimum Requirements

a) In order to have the right to supply from our websites, they must be displayed (with banners and text links) in prominent places on your website (including the home page of your website).


b) Our company reserves the right to delete (after notification) a partner/affiliate account if within 3 months it has not created 3 new active registrations. Regarding compensation, it applies as stated in condition 5.1


c) If upon review it is found that any partner/affiliate has attempted to create duplicate registrations or registrations that simply deposit/withdraw to be “activated” in order to achieve the target of 5 minimum active registrations each month, then the account will be deleted and will not entitled to no commission.


d) – We reserve the right not to pay a commission to an affiliate if fraud is suspected (2.2.c) and if we find that the active accounts are not identified in accordance with the terms and conditions.


– We reserve the right to refuse commission payment if our company determines that the method of attracting new registrations is not appropriate (through content, support, prompting, etc.)

e) Commission rates are 20% on player losses).


f) It is forbidden for the "gaming" account of an affiliate to be connected to his affiliate account and to receive commission from it. He is allowed to play on our sites as a player but is prohibited from receiving commission through the affiliate account he maintains.


g) We reserve the right to deny access to the Affiliate in certain circumstances at our sole discretion.


h) If our company determines, in its sole discretion, that the Affiliate has engaged in bulk spamming or is otherwise advertising our services in an unauthorized manner, our company may (without limiting any other rights or legal remedies available may be available) withhold any commission otherwise payable to Affiliate under this contractual relationship and/or terminate the contractual relationship with immediate effect upon notice at any time during the term of this contract.


h) You are entitled to commission for as long as you advertise our products (according to condition 2.2.a). If for some reason the viewing is stopped on your part or is limited, we automatically have the right to close your account (Regarding the compensation as stated in condition 5.1)


i) You are entitled to commission if you advertise our banners on your website in prominent places. In the event that it is determined that you are not providing the maximum possible advertising/viewing, we are entitled without any other justification to close your account with all relevant consequences (loss of revenue, players, etc.). Condition 5.1 also applies here.

2.3.2 Contact & National Betting Authority


Meridianbet fully complies with the National Betting Authority (NBA) and its regulations. All Associates are obliged, being members of the Associates program, to comply with the instructions and requirements of the Authority.


In particular, all verbal references, as well as promotion through creatives, should fully comply with the instructions of the Authority. It is the Partner's obligation to harmonize the promotion of Meridian in accordance with the aforementioned instructions.

2.4 Good Faith


You will not knowingly benefit from known or suspected traffic that is not carried out in good faith regardless of whether it causes damage to us. We reserve the right to withhold all account amounts owed to you under this Agreement if we have reason to believe that such traffic was caused with your knowledge. Even if you did not generate such traffic, we reserve the right to withhold the Referral Fee in respect of such traffic.


We reserve the right to withhold affiliate payments and/or suspend or close accounts where affiliate customers abuse our company's offerings regardless of whether you are aware of them. Such situations include but are not limited to different customers betting on both outcomes of a match or market to limit the risk and claim the bonuses.


2.5 Responsibility for Your Website


You will be solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your website and all material appearing on it. For example, you will be solely responsible for ensuring that the content published on your website is not defamatory against the interests of our company. We disclaim any liability for these matters. In addition, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, legal fees) arising directly or indirectly from the development, operation, maintenance and contents of your website.


Our affiliate program is intended for your immediate participation. You will not open affiliate accounts on behalf of other participants. Opening an affiliate account for a third party, brokering an affiliate account, or transferring an affiliate account is not acceptable. Partners who wish to transfer an account to another beneficial owner


Account must request permission by contacting us by email at [email protected]. Approval or not is entirely at our discretion.


2.6 Confidentiality


During the course of this agreement, we may entrust you with “sensitive” information related to our business, operations, or Partner program technology. You agree not to disclose or make unauthorized use of such confidential information to any third party unless you have our prior written consent to use the confidential information only for purposes necessary to further the objectives of this Agreement. The confidentiality obligations will survive termination of the Agreement.


2.7 Data Protection


The Affiliate undertakes and guarantees that it will:


a) complies in any case with all its obligations regarding the protection of personal data, as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), of Law 4624/2019 (A' 137) and Law 2472/1997 (A' 50), and any other obligations it may have under other relevant data protection legislation, including applicable amendments from time to time. Consequently, compliance with EU data protection regulations regarding electronic communications (Directive 2002 / 58 of the European Parliament, as amended by Directive 2006/24 of the European Parliament and Directive 2009/136 of the European Parliament and subsequent modifications thereof). The partner must also comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations worldwide. According to the Privacy Policy, information (not just personal information) may not be retrieved or stored on an individual's personal devices unless the individual: (i) has been clearly and fully informed as to why this is happening and/or (ii ) has given his consent where applicable. Affiliate must inform its website visitors that tracking technology will be installed on their hard drive when they click on links and must obtain their consent to this tracking before retrieving or storing information from a computer, smartphone, mobile phone, their tablet or other device. Partner acknowledges that all data relating to Customers is and will

Remain the exclusive property of the Company. Any access to data relating to the Customer is solely in the Partner's capacity as Responsible

Processing, within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Law 4624/2019 (A' 137) and Law 2472/1997 (A' 50) and


b) Complies with any applicable instructions provided by the Company from time to time.


c) Maintains and implements policies and procedures throughout the duration of this Agreement that ensure its compliance with the relevant requirements.


d) Confirms in writing and within a reasonable period of time after a similar written request of the Company, his full compliance with this clause.




3. Calculation of Affiliate Commission (affiliates commission)


3.1 The Referral Fee


This is based on the net profit of the customers you referred. Net profit is defined as:


all gross money accepted from all settled bets after deducting:


a) money paid to customers as profits


b) money paid in the form of taxes


c) uncollectible debts


d) fraud (fraud – collusion, etc.)


e) returned bets


f) transactions that are reversed with instructions from the cardholder's bank.


g) void bets and


h) bet/deposit bonus.


We reserve the right to change the commission rate and referral commission calculation method if deemed necessary without any justification or prior notice.




3.2 Commission Payer Calculations


Affiliates are entitled to payment on the balance of the winnings of the bets. Negative commission balances will be deducted from available commissions.


4. Referral Fee Payments


Your account must have at least 3 active referred Customers to be eligible for a Referral Commission payment (payment is completed by the 30th of the following month) provided you have met the above requirements for Customers at the end of the previous month.


The commissions of our Affiliates are credited to a designated bank account or e-wallet account belonging to the Affiliate or his Company, as reflected in the monthly invoice that each affiliate is required to issue. Without sending the required invoice with all the required details filled in, no payment will be made.

If a Partner owns a company, then in the registration form and on his card he must fill in: company details (name, address), VAT/AFT, Telephone, Address, Bank account (IBAN, Beneficiary, Bank, Swift, etc.). At the beginning of the month, he should send an invoice to [email protected] with all the above information, commission amount and reasons “Affiliates Commission – July 2023 (example)”


Minimum commission deposit amount is set at 100 euros. If it is less, the amount is transferred to the next month until it reaches 100 euros (positive carry over)


An active customer of our affiliate/partner is defined as a visitor to your website who clicked on Meridianbet via the transfer link, registered as a customer, deposited funds into the customer account and conducted betting activity.




5. Duration, Termination, Consequences and Inappropriate Sites


5.1 Duration and Termination


The Term of the agreement between us will begin when you complete the registration process and create a unique link to our websites and will continue unless either party notifies the other in writing that it wishes to terminate the Agreement, in which case the Agreement will terminated Immediately. Termination is at will, with or without cause, by either party. For purposes of notice of termination, delivery by email shall be considered a written and immediate form of notice.


From the moment our cooperation ends, you are entitled to commission for the rest of the month. You are not entitled to a possible carry over, since in order for you not to have received it, you did not meet the minimum conditions for receiving supplies.


Our company has the right to either terminate an affiliate partnership, or to modify its terms, either by changing the percentages (increase/decrease), or by converting it to a flat fee (with corresponding terms), if it deems that there are reasons to protect interests her. From the moment any change in the way of cooperation is announced to the partner, he has no choice but to comply with it.


5.2 Consequences


Upon termination you must remove all banners/icons from your website and disable all links from your website to ours. All rights and licenses granted to you under this Agreement will terminate immediately. You will return to us all confidential information and all copies of it in your possession, custody and control and cease all uses of our Marks.


5.3 Inappropriate Websites


We may terminate this agreement if we determine (in our sole discretion) that your website is inappropriate. Inappropriate websites include, but are not limited to, those that: target children, display pornography or other illegal sexual acts, promote violence, promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age promote illegal activities or infringe intellectual property rights.


5.3.1 Performance comparison websites


It is forbidden to display Meridianbet on odds comparison sites (such as predictors) without our approval. A partner who will open an affiliate account and "upload" banners/trackers on such websites (without approval) is not entitled to any commission from our company.


5.4 Duplicate Accounts


You will not open more than one affiliate account without our prior written consent nor will you earn commission from your account or that of a relative. The program is aimed at professional publishers / website owners.





6. Continuous Promotion


You will embed and display prominently and continuously the latest links provided by us on all pages in a manner and location agreed with us and will not change the format, location of the links without our prior written consent. You are entitled to Referral commissions based on continued promotion of Meridianbet products. We reserve the right to reduce Referral Commission rates if you reduce your efforts to attract customers. Reducing or suspending the promotion of our websites may be considered as a termination of this agreement between us.


7. Relationship of Parties


We and you are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement creates a partnership, joint venture, agency, and franchise or employment relationship between us. You will not have the authority to make or accept offers or representations on our behalf. You will not make any statement, on your website or elsewhere that contradicts anything in this agreement.




8. Miscellaneous

8.1 General Law


The laws of the Republic of Cyprus will govern this Agreement and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of its courts. You may not assign, transfer this Agreement without our prior written consent.


8.2 Non-Waiver


Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce such or any other provision of this Agreement. Modifications, additions, deletions or insertions between the lines of this Agreement are not permitted and will not be recognized by us. None of our staff or associates is authorized to make or agree to any changes or modifications to this Agreement or its terms.


8.4 Severability / Waiver


Wherever possible, each provision of this Agreement shall be construed in a manner to be effective and valid at law, but, if any provision of the Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such provision shall be ineffective only to the extent where such invalidity, or unenforceability, does not invalidate the remainder of the Agreement or provision hereof. Non-waiver will be implied by conduct or failure to enforce rights and must be in writing to be valid.


You expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement by downloading our promotional materials and creating a link from your website to ours.